Designing Brand Identity for Food Products: Color, Shape & Font Styles

Why is designing a brand identity for food products so much different from other products and other sectors? Apart from the fact that it’s a basic need, food is a pleasure. And it is very much linked to our basic instincts. This strong link affects how we perceive colors, shapes and fonts used in the branding. And with the high competition in the food industry, brand differentiation is a must in order to cut through.

In order to create a successful brand, you need to make the best use of these three elements (color, shape and font) in the sense that you convey just the intended message/promise of the brand.

Here are some very general usages of these three elements as a guideline to keep in mind.


Use appropriate colors that are suitable for the product. Use more often warm colors because they allude to ripeness and warmth. In fact, most fruits and vegetables are within the range of warm colors. Hence, using the color of the original fruit or vegetable helps a lot in conveying the message. I’m not saying that using odd colors is completely off the table, but make sure you don’t over do it.


Use more sharp angles and spiky shapes with sour foods, and use more curvy and round shapes with sweeter foods.


The same thing applies to fonts. The sweeter the food, the curvier and curlier the typeface. And in contrast, the saltier and sourer the foods, the sharper and bulkier the typeface.

Trigger your customer’s curiosity by creating a package that appeals to the their senses. Then, and only then, the customer will purchase your product, and your next challenge would be the product’s quality.

Author: Lama Lawand