4 Simple Steps to React Effectively

I read a quote today by Richard Branson, the Founder of Virgin, asking:
“Is your reaction helping the situation?”
I noticed that some people are overly dramatic, and they let any difficulty, any tough situation, literally anything get the best of them.

And then I started to recall some situations that I’ve been faced with, or situations that I’ve witnessed happening with people close to me. I noticed that I usually do what I’ve got to do and save the drama for later. Perhaps, I might collapse later, but not when I’m needed to be there. For that reason, I’m always the person sought for help or advice in hard times among my family and friends. I’ve dealt with different situations; some are mild like work, personal, or relationship-related problems; and others are severe like accidents, sickness, emergencies, and death.

Now I see why; well it’s because I react in ways that do help the situation.

How I do it? 4 Simple Steps:

First, I rearrange the priorities of the moment.

Second, as a first priority, I don’t let the drama get to me. I don’t collapse, nor do I overwhelm myself with unnecessary worries.

Third, I keep my balance, which keeps me thinking logically and objectively. I do that by getting detached completely and act as an outsider. This allows me to put away all the feelings that might intervene negatively.

Forth, I do what’s right to save the day. I Simplify the situation and break it down so it becomes easier to work with.

Anyone can do this. Just avoid dramatizing and complicating the uncomplicated. It might sound like a super power, but it’s not. It’s just love. It’s only driven by the love you feel for the people you’re helping. It’s your determination to be strong for them, support them, and stay by their side no matter what.

Author: Lama Lawand