The Gift of Time

It is that moment when you stop and think how time passed since the last time you did something meaningful, you will feel bewildered by the amount of time you’ve waisted.

Time is a rare gift that we often take for granted.

You’d think, “maybe some other time”, “I’ll do that later”, or “I’ll start soon”… and then you do nothing.

You’d think you can’t find time, you’d think what you’re doing now is more important, you’d think you’re putting priorities first, and you keep procrastinating the essence of life because you’re busy hustling instead of being busy living.

But what if you suddenly ran out of time?

What if you suddenly discovered that the things you’ve been postponing till “later” have become so far away and that you lost your chance?

What if you found out that this “later” you’ve been waiting for has become the past and you’re unable to retrieve it?

What if you looked back on your life and you can’t find anything significant?

What if you left this world without a trace as if you didn’t exist?

What if no one remembered you with a good deed?

I believe that the essence of life lies in inspiration. We are meant to inspire ourselves and others. We are meant to be good to one another and spread kindness. If you had the ability to change someone’s life, inspire them, or affect them positively in anyway, then your life has not been in vain. Make sure that you value the gift of time and use it wisely.

Author: Lama Lawand